This school exists to fill a gap in soccer training for boys and girls under the age of 16. Nowhere else in Montreal is there a comprehensive program that deals with all aspects of the game, using age-specific learning strategies. Furthermore, physicality and mental attitude are also concentrated on, not only to increase the child’s ability in soccer, but also to teach lessons that can be transferred to other activities. Therefore, the program can be split into three components: technical, physical, and mental.

1. Technique
Correct technique is crucial for any sport. Soccer is a complex and difficult game to play, so learning the correct way of doing things is very important. Technique increases the level of possible play and, if taught correctly at an early age, will never be forgotten. If a child can learn good technique it will stay with them, giving them a chance to play better and better as they grow and gain experience. It will also mean that the game of soccer will always be there for them – if they stop playing at any point but later decide to take up the game again, a solid technique learned at a young age will help them to do this. Plus, doing things well is ALWAYS more fun.
Thus, your child will learn correct technique for the following:
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Heading
  • Tackling
  • Control
  • Turns
  • Tricks

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